STM2 shelf system

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The STM2 shelf system combines white or black coated birch plywood with polished stainless steel support brackets, creating large and small shelf units by utilising a simple click-and-lock principle. STM2 can be easily assembled by just one person and enhanced – also retrospectively - with Dibond drawers and slide-in hinged doors.

The click-and-lock principle

The simple click-and-lock system ensures a high level of stability and load capacity

The basic principle: stainless steel support brackets, the ends of which are bent a little over 90°, are inserted, tapped gently with a rubber mallet and thus wedged into aluminium sockets where they remain firmly secured.

The design of the STM2 shelf system allows the easy assembly of combinations without drawers and slide-in hinged doors by just one person. The only tool required is a rubber mallet.

Tiny little STM2 hammer

Helpful little wooden tool to give the brackets their perfect fit - and to remove them easily in case of an eventual demounting.


Birch plywood and luminium sockets embedded in the edging

Material: 15mm birch plywood:
• black phenolic resin coating
• white melamine coating
• available in veneer finish or other colours on request

The shelves are available in the following dimensions:
• Length: 36, 48, 60, (72 for combinations only), 96, and 120 cm
• Depth: 31 and 41 cm
The interlockable design enables the creation of unlimited horizontal shelf combinations.
The length of a STM2 shelf system – depending on the amount of space available – knows no bounds.

The standard distance of 60 cm between the supports determines the actual structure; end sections measuring 48 cm can be found with certain shelf combinations.

Support brackets and feet

Height adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors and brackets of polished stainless steel; POM height adjustable feet, castors with solid rubber tyres

Bracket lengths and compartment heights:
Bracket length L = 38 cm | Interior compartment height: 36.5 cm
Bracket length M = 28 cm | Interior compartment height: 26.5 cm
Bracket length S = 23 cm | Interior compartment height: 21.5 cm

STM2 is designed as a bookshelf. Two support brackets are inserted into each aluminium socket to achieve a high load capacity. It is also possible to insert just one bracket into each socket for low sideboards or shelves loaded with less or lighter items.


Apart from the base section, each additional section of a STM2 shelf system costs exactly the same, irrespective of the height of the individual sections, as the quantity and unit prices of the applied components are identical for each section. The price of a combination can be deduced from its designation.

Example: STM2 B+2 180/31

STM2 Name of the shelf system
B Base = bottom shelf with feet
+2 No. of additional sections
180 Length of the shelf = 180 cm
31 Depth of the shelves = 31 cm

Bookend "Buchspanner"

The x-shaped bookend can be easily squeezed together with one hand and clamped between two shelves. The rubber coating at the contact points ensures a non-slip rigid fixing.

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Drawers and compartments with slide-in hinged doors

Closed compartments are available as drawers with full extension slides and/or with slide-in hinged doors which can also be integrated into existing STM2 shelf systems

Compartments with slide-in hinged doors and drawers with full extension slides are available for each of the three compartment heights (S, M and L) and for both shelf depths (31 and 41cm). The compartments can also be integrated into existing STM2 combinations.

Material: aluminium composite material Dibond, anodised or white.
Standard widths: 36, 48, 60 and 72 cm

► Download: closed compartments price list (PDF)

Intermediate shelves for compartments with a slide-in hinged door

For greater organisation: Dibond intermediate shelves that divide the interior into two, three or more additional compartments

Three simple steps and a matter of minutes transform a compartment with a slide-in hinged door into a two or three tier compartment: position the lateral supports, insert the shelf, finished.

The intermediate shelves are available in 1/2 or 1/3 compartment height for each compartment with a slide-in hinged door (others available on request).

An intermediate shelf set consists of two lateral supports and one shelf.

Assembly instructions

Using the detailed assembly instructions, the STM2 shelf system can be easily assembled by just one person. STM2 shelf systems without drawers and slide-in hinged doors are therefore normally shipped by post

Detailed assembly instructions can be downloaded here – sorted according to the actual shelf length – as a PDF file. Certain shelf lengths have been combined in a single instruction manual: for instance, the assembly instructions for 120 cm shelves are also applicable for 96 cm shelves. Moreover, the instruction manuals contain respective details about the two available shelf depths (31 and 41 cm).

► Download instructions (PDF) (only in German)

STM2 combinations (examples)

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